Energy investment and innovation - Strategic challenges for an industry in transition
The webinar took place on 2 June 2020

The Webinar addressed:

  • How will the fast-evolving situation caused by plummeting oil & gas prices and COVID-19 impact the global energy sector and the pace of transition?
  • What changes will we see in the economics of the oil & gas and power sectors?
  • How will this affect companies’ strategies, long term investment and financing of all segments of the energy industry?
  • How will the industry come out of this crisis?
  • How can investment and financing strategies address and reduce the impact of the COVID-19 and climate change risk?
  • Looking toward the future energy mix – which technologies are likely to win?


It was of particular interest to professionals in senior roles responsible for finance, risk and sustainability in

  • oil and gas
  • conventional and renewable power generation
  • project finance management companies
  • commercial and investment banks
  • fund managers
  • pension funds
  • investment brokers
  • insurance
  • legal advisers
  • advisors to lenders

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