Energy investment and innovation - Strategic challenges for an industry in transition
2 June 2020, London

The global energy industry is facing an accelerating transition which is impacting on the way most sources of energy are supplied and consumed. Structural changes are happening across all sectors of the industry. The energy mix is increasingly incorporating a range of lower carbon sources, driven mainly by a combination of environmental considerations, technological developments, geopolitical pressures and population demographics.

Such fundamental changes are transforming the economics and the long-term sustainability of the traditional oil & gas and power sectors, which presents major challenges in terms of future strategies, long term investment and financing of all segments of the energy industry.

Regulatory signals and uncertainty over energy policies can be major barriers to investment, especially for large projects with long lead times that remain essential for the future development of key sectors and for ensuring security of energy supply. A critical strategic issue is how to bridge financing gaps in energy efficiency and infrastructure. This will require taking a hard look at the risks facing investments across different sectors, countries and innovative technologies.

The UK National Committee of the World Petroleum Council, in partnership with the Energy Institute, is delighted to announce that it will host an Expert Workshop where energy and investment industry experts will address these challenges and will discuss strategic financial solutions that will facilitate the development of the future energy mix to meet consumers’ requirements.

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