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Past event: Financing challenges for an energy industry in transition
26 June 2018, The Auditorium, Deloitte, 2 New Street Square, London, EC4A 3BZ

The global energy industry is currently facing an accelerating transition which is impacting on the manner in which most sources of energy are supplied and consumed. Changes are happening fast. The energy mix is increasingly incorporating a range of lower carbon sources, driven mainly by a combination of environmental considerations, technological developments, geopolitical pressures and population demographics.

Such fundamental changes are transforming the economics of the traditional oil and gas business, which presents major challenges in terms of future strategies, long term investment and financing of ALL segments of the energy industry.

The rapid growth of the diverse range of renewable energy sources, with a growing share of primary supply, will require innovative and cost-effective sources of equity and debt finance. This will necessitate a deep understanding of the various technical and operational risks involved, as well as a deep understanding of local and regional markets.

Financing challenges for traditional oil and gas investments will intensify against competition for finance from new energies, the background of global population growth, the need to eliminate poverty and the industry commitment to provide clean and efficient supply including integrated gas developments. In response to recent financial regulatory changes and new policies, a number of energy banks, multi-lateral agencies and institutional investors have reduced their exposure to the traditional oil and gas sector. This trend will encourage new groups of lenders such as activist investment funds, private investors and sovereign wealth funds to support the future financing of the traditional segment.

The UK National Committee of the World Petroleum Council, in partnership with the Energy Institute, will host a one-day symposium where finance and energy industry experts will address these challenges and will discuss financial solutions that will facilitate the development of the future energy mix to meet consumers’ requirements.

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The WPC UK Young Professionals Committee also held a breakfast briefing

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