Financing and de-risking the energy industry in a new global context
26 - 27 September 2017 - London

This knowledge sharing and learning opportunity will enable participants to:

  • Hear the latest insights around public equity funding and corporate credit conditions
  • Get an overview of solutions that facilitate the de-risking of the energy industry
  • Find out about new investment opportunities, energy banks and lenders
  • Get fresh ideas on strategies for equity and debt financing
  • Understand how to put together an economically sound financing proposals
  • Discuss the ways in which investor sentiments can be raised for the energy sector
  • Learn from the experiences of industry experts through case studies and in-depth discussion
  • Engage with your industry peers and form new partnerships

This event will be of particular interest to:

  • Finance directors and senior finance personnel
  • Corporate finance heads
  • Treasury managers
  • Geoscientists, engineers, project managers
  • Risk and insurance specialists
  • Oil and gas asset managers
  • Energy bankers
  • Project finance managers
  • Legal advisers
  • Associates and senior associates in firms with project finance transaction capability
  • Technical advisors to lenders

Key discussion outcomes from the UK Committee Expert Workshop 2016

Industry experts from across E&P, commodity trading, investment banking, project financing and insurance delivered insight on topics centred on financing the oil and gas industry in transition. The discussion identified eight key themes:

1. Demand for energy is rising, especially in China and India

2. Raising capital is becoming challenging

3. There is still investor appetite in the sector

4. Oil price volatility, M&A consolidation and spin-offs, and refocus on midstream and downstream were the major themes within the E&P sector in 2016

5. Significant bank liquidity is available for upstream operations despite challenging economic conditions

6. Project financing opportunities in mid and downstream operations highlight advantages such as longer tenors and ability to pass substantial risk to lenders

7. Driven by their need to preserve ratings, many companies have become conservative in their financial structure

8. Other issues raised included:

  • All industry players have cut investment due to fall in oil prices
  • Electricity consumption may have peaked in the developed countries for now but more supply is ultimately required to meet COP21 targets
  • The long-term contract prices for renewable power facilities to be commissioned by 2019 show significant decrease in the USD/MWh, leading to increased attractiveness
  • Confidence in future development of nuclear power capacities worldwide is limited
  • Corporate value and carbon value often disconnect offering opportunities to the big oil to reinvent itself
  • The capacity of the oil and gas companies to take risk will decrease in a low carbon world.

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